Zytara partners with Prime Trust to launch ZUSD stablecoin

Zytara, a FinTech company focused on supporting Millennial and Gen Z gamers and esports enthusiasts has announced the launch of  Zytara dollar (ZUSD) stablecoin in partnership with its wholly-owned subsidiary Zytara Capital and Prime Trust, the leading Universal Asset Platform that enables payments, custody and settlement of alternative assets.

The announcement follows Zytara’s recent plan to launch the first-of-its-kind digital banking platform and payment network for Millennials, Gen Z gamers and esports enthusiasts. ZUSD will be a stablecoin created by Zytara Capital and issued by Prime Trust, also the regulated administrator for ZUSD. Zytara dollar will be initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain, followed by the DigitalBits blockchain as the company executes on its mission to incorporate multiple blockchains.